Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Aval puttu  in a different style..
Usually the avl puttu i have found in recipe sections, is sweet aval with jaggery, which is more of a tea time snack. I decided to experiment with aval and rava to make puttu in the usual way...in the putty mould. It turned out really good. we can have it with kadala curry or pazham and pappadam...Tastes good

roasted rava..1 cup.
aval/poha/ flattened rice..2 1/2 cups
grated coconut..1 cup.
salt to taste.
rava should be well roasted till pinkish brown. soak the poha in water for about 5 minutes or as long for it to become soft.(depending on th etexture of poha). squeeze out the water. and mix the softened poha with roasted rava and salt to taste. keep aside for 5 minutes. in a puttu mould layer the mix and grated coconut alternately and steam cook. your tasty puttu is ready.

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