Sunday, July 26, 2015

Semiya sweet

In fact, I do not have a name for this sweet which I used to make years back, when my children were kids in school. It used to b an impromptu preparation in the beginning, but gradually it became a regular affair and that too  improvised and modified. Today I was requested my a child of yesteryears, who is now a mother of a sweet little girl to post the recipe. Nothing great, but a simple sweet which children love.Here goes the quick and easy recipe......

We Need....

  1. Semiya/Vermicelli....1.5 cup..
  2. Milk...2 cups
  3. Sugar..1 cup
  4. Cardamom seeds crushed...1 tsp
  5. Dry fruits, nuts, raisins etc(optional) per choice
  6. Strands of saffron ..a few(soaked in milk)(ONLY IF AVAILABLE)
  7. Ghee..2 tbsp.


Heat ghee in a heavy botomed vessel or kadai, roast the semiya till golden brown. Set aside. If using nuts raisins etc, in the same kadai in the left over ghee we can roast those.In another vessel put the milk to boil, stirring occasionally to avoid sticking to the bottom. Let it boil thoroughly . Bring down the heat of the stove, and add the roasted semiya and cook.If adding saffron, this is when you can add. When the semiya becomes soft, switch off the stove, and add sugar. Stir well. Again light the stove to medium heat and cook semiya,milk and sugar. It should thicken to Custard consistency. Remove from fire. Pour to a pre greased plate . If adding nuts etc, this is the point to add those which were roasted and kept aside. Cool well, let it set in the fridge and u can cut it into wedges an serve.

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