Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stuffed Omelet curry...My style!!


For the Omelet:

  1. Egg...6.
  2. Cashew nuts...50 gms. Finely chopped
  3. Coconut grated half cup.
  4. Onion finely chopped
  5. Green chillies 4 finely chopped.
  6. Ginger finely chopped 1tsp.
  7. Curry leaves a few sprigs finely chopped.
  8. Oil as per requirement
  9. Salt to taste

For the Gravy:

  1. Coriander powder...4 tbsp.
  2. Chili powder...1tbsp.
  3. Fennel seeds...1tsp. well crushed
  4. Ginger garlic paste...2tsp.
  5. Turmeric powder..1tsp.
  6. Mustard seeds..1 tsp.
  7. Curry leaves. A few.
  8. Oil
  9. Salt to taste

For Garnishing:

  1. Thick coconut milk half cup.
  2. Curry Leaves


For Making the Omelet

  1. Beat the egg till fluffy
  2. Sprinkle salt
  3. Add the sauted filling (2 to 7)
  4. Fold the omelets and cut into even sized pieces and set aside
  5. We can make two omelets from this mix

For Preparing the Gravy

  1. In a thick bottomed wok, splutter the mustard seeds
  2. fry the onions and curry leaves
  3. When the onions turn light brown, add the spice powder, ginger garlic paste and a tbsp. water
  4. When the raw smell goes off, add water and salt and let it simmer
  5. When the gravy reaches the desired consistency, slowly immerse the omelet pieces
  6. Simmer for 2-3 minutes
  7. Pour to the serving bowl
  8. Add the thick coconut milk and a few curry leaves to garnish

Voila!!!! your stuffed Omelet curry is ready to be served!!!


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