Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Masala Kozhukkatta

This is a very yummy and favourite dish/ snack/ food of my family. Amma used to make it when we were kids. Now my children also love it. Am yet to find this recipe in any recipe corner or food blog. Hence, sharing.

For the kozhukkatta:-

  1. roasted rice flour-- 1cup.
  2. boiling water------about one cup.
  3. grated coconut---half cup.
  4. shallots----2to 3
  5. salt to taste.

For Gravy:--

  1. grated coconut....half cup.
  2. shallots 2to 3.
  3. coriander powder ...1 tbsp.
  4. chilly powder....1 tsp.
  5. fennel seeds....half tsp.
  6. oil..1 tbsp
  7. salt to taste

For tempering:---

  1. shallots.. 5to6.
  2. green chilies..2to3.
  3. curry leaves ..2sprigs.
  4. coconut oil ..1 tsp.
  5. For garnishing:--
  6. cashew nuts halved and fried, onions crispy fried, curry leaves.

1. mix the rice flour, crushed shallots and grated coconuts and salt rubbing together with your fingers. To this add boiling water to make a tough dough...you should be able to form balls of the dough. set aside and cover
2. in hot oil, roast coconuts, and after switching off the stove, add corianter powder, chilli powder and fennel seeds, when the mixture cools, add shallots, and grind into a smooth paste. add wate to thin the ground masala. addsalt..Put this in a thick bottomed wok, and let boil, while thhis is rapidly boiling, slowly slip in the dough balls, and let it simmer till the gravy reaches a semi thick consistency, by then, the dough would have softened and absorbed some gravy.
3. In coconut oil fry the shallots, green chillies and curry leaves and pour that over the masala kozhukkatta.

4. Just before serving, garnish with cashew, onion and curry leaves.


  1. yummy, feel like having one right now... I will definitely try this as my elder one loves such dishes...
    lots of love
    take care

  2. I just loved it. I am gonna make it again next week :)


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