Saturday, July 25, 2015

Churulappam or sweet coconut wraps

I have some nostalgic memories about this particular recipe. During my school days, when the school timings used to be 10am to 4pm, and we reached home around 4.30 pm,totally famished and ready to gobble even an elephant, Amma used this impromptu recipe to satisfy our hunger. She would make it ready by the time we freshened up and changed from school uniform.This can be termed as a distant cousin of Paati saabta of Bengali cuisine or Pan cake of western cuisine. We may be able to find variations of this in other food blogs or recipe counters..... but for me this is an authentic creation by Amma.

We need

  1.  Maida- 2cups
  2. Sooji/Rava-2tbsp.
  3. Water.
  4. Salt -a pich or two
  5. Grated coconut--1cup
  6. Sugar(preferably fine grain, but not powdered)-as per requirement.
  7. Oil very little.


Make a batter using maida, rava , salt and water..

Mix sugar and grated coconut in a bowl.

Grease the pan /non stick tava.

 First heat the tava nd then keep the flame low.

Pour one small laddle of batter to the pan and spread evenly like dosa.

Cover with a lid .When the top is cooked, put a spoon or two of the coconut mix in the centre and fold from both sides.

Flip the folded roll to a plate , let it cool down a bit and serve with coffee.You just wont stop relishing the yummy churulappams... 

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