Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Ambrosia??????????????/

Finally a few days of respite from the grilling heat and the travel to and from school. Am home for a few days. As already planned I would be visiting mon and staying a fortnight with him. He is eagerly waiting to have amma with him and to experience that homely feeling . It is then I decided to make some of his favourite sweets , chutneys and pickles. As I started making the sweets, my husband as a matter of fact and more as a joke, said..hey why don't you blog about your sweets and pickles too? Wow ....that struck me. Why not start a new blog altogether!
My memories take me back to 32 years.....my husband came home in a jubilant mood and told me about a long pending promotion he got. we were married for a few months only and he attributed that to the luck I brought home. Any way... that called for celebration and I made the first sweet dish for him!!!!!!!!!! After having a spoonful of the sweet dish he said....Haay ithaanu ambrosia(this is ambrosia). what he termed as ambrosia is a very simple jaggery and rice sweet. more like the ney payasam amma used to make. But somehow when i decided to create a new blog based on recipes, I knew I must call it AMBROSIA. LET ME START THIS BLOG WITH THE RECIPE OF THAT AMBROSIA ONLY


  1. Ambrosia it is!The good thing is now I'll not have to maintain a recipe book for myself.I can just hop over to this page and pick any recipe I want.Thanx Ma!

  2. Dear Teacher,

    This is telepathy, you know what, before coming on to these blog pages I was and am a big fan of food blogs, I try my hand at many things, (it is a success or failure ?? dont ask). But I am really happy that I shall be adding your blog to my favourite food blogs!!

    Thanks a ton for all the recipes in advance.

    Love you for everything


  3. This is a great effort, Auntie. Onashamsakal!

  4. First time here and seeing this post and how you named it i feel so happy to have met you here.

    will be following you as i love reading the 'experience' of cooking and not just recipes...


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