Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweet dish praised as Ambrosia


Raw rice---half cup


ghee-2 tb.spoon

Ripe banana-1

Cardamom, Raisins,Cashew nuts,and a few small pieces of coconut

Cumin seed-a pinch

Wash the rice and pressure cook with one cup water and the ripe banana.In a kadhai add the ghee and splutter the cumin seed, and fry the coconut pieces and raisins and nuts,add quarter cup of water and jaggery, stir till the jaggery melts fully . add the cooked rice and banana, cook till a porridge like consistency is reached.serve hot.....................this is a crude form of ney payasam that amma used to make....but for my man this IS AMBROSIA!!!!!!!!!


  1. vow !! This is the only payasam which i ever eat, because other wise I dont like payasams!!. And the recipe is realy simple... Would let u know once I try it out..

    Right now my Motherinlaw is in Delhi, so she is dishing out all the savouries each day... once she goes and we are again back to our usual dal.. chawal business I will pop this up as a surprise.



  2. thank u rekha. am on my way to post a full fledged sadya for food lovers(mallus specially). hope u and others like u wud like


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